Best Software To Automate Activities Online

Most programming languages are difficult and take months, if not years, to master. And they can cost thousands of dollars.

You can now build professional apps, bots, widgets and more web tools within minimum time without any programming knowledge. Sell them or use them on your website or e-commerce business. You can use UBot Studio to automate any web activity, even your Facebook account you can automate.

You don’t require previous training in programming to use UBot Studio, you just drag and drop. Its super easy to use this, even a professional programmer can save so much time using this software.

UBot Studio also includes Windows automation features for simple, comprehensive whole-PC experience.

Inside UBot Studio are advanced Web Automation features to help even a novice automatically complete simple and complex tasks but I will mention only featured features below:
Visual Scripting Language

Use the Visual Scripting Language to build drag-and-drop automation products.


Visual UI Designer

Create unique, beautiful user interfaces for your software with a simple, WYSIWYG visual UI designer.
Record and Playback

Record actions inside your browser and automatically convert them into scripts that you can then edit however you’d like.
Search, Scrape, and Save

Find, scrape, and save any web page content, including hidden HTML, Javascript, and CSS data, with a simple and customizable scraping system.
Verify Accounts Via Email and Send Emails

Send, receive, and scan emails for important data instantly, and automatically click links inside.

Solve captchas manually or remotely with built-in third-party service integration.
Use Proxies

Quickly use and switch private, public, and secure proxies.
Smart Apps

Create smart apps with conditionals and if-then statements.
Custom Commands

Create your own custom commands and reuse them again and again.
Data Manipulation

Handle advanced data manipulation with easy-to-use variables, lists and tables.
Web Inspector

Analyze websites’ source code with the built in Web Inspector.
Cookie Management

Separate, swap, save, store, browse, clear, and load or create cookies for individual users and sessions on the fly.
GitHub Friendly File Format

UBot Studio is setup out-of-the-box to work with Github, so you can keep track of your code with the same tool as a professional coder.
Story-Like Logging

By introducing a set of smart logging commands, UBot makes building your uBots less like math and more like a good book.
Windows Automation

Type & click anywhere on your PC with Windows automation.
SQL Database Integration

Connect to, update, and grab data from any MySQL, SQLite, and SQL Server databases.
Headless Browsing

Create fully featured web automation tools with no graphical interface, simply by dragging and dropping from your live browser.
Full Header Control

Decide how a browser sees you at the most fundamental level by rewriting the HTTP headers you send to pages.
Image Recognition

Use Image Recognition to interact with Flash, Java and other web content automatically.
Python Enabled

Automate everything from email sends to web scraping to robotics with the Python language, right inside UBot Studio.
UBot Studio is really fun and easy to use and there are defferent versions to choose from:

Standard ( $295 one time fee)
You get 3 Months FREE Expert Support.
3 Months FREE Updates.
3 Months FREE Bot Bank Access.
Unlimited access to the UBot Underground community-powered forum.

Professional ( $595 one time fee)

You get All the Standard features, plus:
Control Flash and more with Advanced Image Recognition.
Use socket commands and SQL integration to speed up your automation.Run unlimited browsers simultaneously with multithreading.
Code View lets you turn your scripts into text, for fast and easy editing.

Developer ($995 one time fee)

All the Standard & Professional features, plus:
Create self-extracting installation packages for your customers and clients.
Whitelabel – remove the UBot Studio brand entirely.
Whitelabel your software by removing the UBot Studio brand entirely.
Use custom styles and web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript to design your own bot interface.

With the Developer version you can  create incredible, customized software that no one will know you built inside UBot Studio.

There are no extra modules to buy or download for upgrades!

When you purchase any version you get 30 day money-back guarantee
and If for any reason you change your mind about your purchase, simply ask for a refund. Anything you’ve built is yours to keep, even if you return Ubot Studio!

Anything is possible with UBot Studio, if yo imagine it, you can create it.



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